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Plant pathology is widely discussed with agriculture events and conferences and is vital knowledge to obtain regarding the state of pesticide usage and how plant diseases affect farmers. It’s the scientific study of diseases in plants that are caused by infectious organisms and environmental conditions.

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Organisms that cause plant disease include fungi, oomycetes, bacteria, viruses, viroids, and virus-like organisms. Many other forms of plant negativities should not be confused with plant diseases. Plant negativities include ectoparasites like insects, vertebrates, mites, and many pests which affect plant health by eating the tissue.

Plant pathologists attend agriculture events and conferences as speakers to discuss all aspects of plant diseases. The main subjects are discussed and include plant disease epidemiology, plant disease resistance, and how plant diseases affect both humans and animals.

Humans and animals are not the only ones affected by plant diseases. Path system genetics and management of plant diseases are greatly affected by plant diseases and the progression into the problem.

Many variants of plant diseases and viruses are found in Canada. Some types of plant viruses are asymptomatic and can cause loss of crop yield. Most have single-stranded RNA or single and double-stranded DNA. These DNA’s may encode up to four proteins which allow cells to move to different cells, and sometimes allows transmission by a vector.

Due to the many different viruses and the complexities of controlling them, events and conferences on agriculture are a fundamental part of working together to find ways to solve some of the issues regarding the diseases.

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Plant diseases are one of the major reasons why the World Trade Organization authorized the blocking of imports of agricultural products.

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