Topics Frequently Discussed at Agriculture Conferences

Before attending any agriculture conferences or events, it is a good idea to read up on some of the topics and discussions which may take place. These topics are some of the most used topics in discussions at conferences in agriculture and plant disease.

Horticulture Crops

Horticulture is classified as a subdivision of agriculture that mainly deals with the gardening of plants. Although it is different from agriculture, it is widely discussed at agriculture conferences and events. The reason for this is due to many of the techniques being involved in both agriculture and horticulture. In the cultivation process of crops, many horticulture methods are employed and are a complete science on their own.

Plant and Agricultural Diseases

Plant diseases are a major quality constraint for growers and farmers. Like with any living organism, plants and crops are susceptible to diseases and viruses. Crop disease has harmful deviations and alterations from the normal functioning of the physiological process. Diseased plants can suffer disturbances from normal life processes and the functions which are vital to agriculture and healthy growth.


Pesticides are one of the most concerning negative factors affecting farmers, crops, and farm animals. Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests in farming products and crops.

Events and conferences base a lot of their discussions on pesticides and how to control pests in crops and the dangers of the toxicity.

Land-Use Practices

Agriculture places a serious burden on the environment in the process of providing the public with food and fibre. It is the largest consumer of water and the main source of nitrate pollution of groundwater and surface water. Conferences and events about agriculture incorporate discussions on how to practice safe land use and the laws and strategies to use.