The Most Prominent Agriculture Speakers

This article has a focus on some of the most prominent speakers leading discussions on all things agriculture and the issues the sector is facing regarding toxicity, pesticides, and plant diseases. These speakers are knowledgeable on different aspects of agriculture.

Patrick Holden – Former Director of the Soil Association

Patrick Holden is present at many events and conferences discussing agriculture. He is the former director of The Soil Association known to be the UK’s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable and organic farming. He believes in championing health in agriculture. He has over 30 years of experience in running an organic farm in Wales and is the founder of the Sustainable Food Trust.

He believes in the organic method of farming and promotes healthy living through organic farm foods.

Caleb Harper – Open Agriculture Initiative Director & Ted Talk Innovation Speaker

Caleb Harper has pledged to revolutionize how 9 billion people are fed by 2050, thus making Caleb one of the most important Technologists in Agriculture. He has dedicated his life to radically improve the food industry. He uses his knowledge of technology to try new sustainable methods in agriculture.

As a former engineer, he has different speaking topics, making Caleb a popular speaker at many conferences and events.

Amy Barthorpe – Head of Business Development at WeFarm

Amy Barthorpe is the Head of Business Development at WeFarm and is an expert on agriculture, trade, and business. WeFarm works with farmers from across the globe and helps to maximize digital resources and connect farmers from the UK to Uganda.

When speaking at conferences, she uses her experience to provide actionable methods for identifying opportunities and partnerships.

Amy has presented at events and conferences all over the world including COP22 in Marrakech and Trade for Sustainable Development in Geneva.

Max Armstrong – Agricultural Journalist

Max Armstrong is a popular agricultural speaker at many events and conferences. He is one of the most influential figures in modern farming. He is recognized as a knowledgeable authority on agriculture, spending over three decades speaking to farming audiences, experts, and consumers.

Max has been awarded several awards, including the Honorary Master Farmer in 2018 by Prairie Farmer Magazine.

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