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IWGTD stands as a website dedicated to keeping individuals up to date on Events and Conferences about agriculture and plant diseases.


IWGTD understands the importance of being up to date on the findings in agriculture and plant diseases. Farming and agriculture have the role of supplying the most important means of living to the world.

Food that comes from farms is the most important and healthiest food society needs to be healthy. With agriculture providing the main food groups of the world, the issues they are facing are important to know about. This makes attending conferences and events on the matter integral to the survival and wellbeing of the industry.

Throughout Canada, there are many plant diseases to take into consideration, especially when using certain pesticides to control diseases. IWGTD stands as an informative source to showcase all the biggest problems and discussions into the important parts of pesticides and plant diseases.

As all farmers use pesticides, including organic farmers, both the public as well as professionals in the field should visit events and conferences. Attending can help to learn more about the latest findings and hear about discussions on how to improve on certain matters.

Besides pesticides and plant diseases, there are many other factors to take into consideration as to what agriculture faces and how to improve certain aspects in the field.

Diseases have a drastic effect on plants and the animals living on farms. It also impacts the market access and agricultural production process and success thereof.

Some of the articles on this website will include subjects of plant pathology which is the science determining the causes of plant disease and the mechanisms by which diseases develop.

Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences act as an informational source in learning more about current progressions and many important discussions in agriculture and plant diseases. Visit IWGTD for upcoming events and conferences.

Programs and Speakers

Conferences and events programs in agriculture provide knowledgeable and experienced speakers to discuss their viewpoints and expert knowledge on the current state of agriculture, plant diseases, and pesticides.

Plant Diseases and Agriculture

Agriculture is an important subject, it’s where the majority of the world’s food comes from. People need to learn about the obstacles that agriculture face concerning plant diseases.

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